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Founder, Author

James is one of the founders of Alternia Comics and maintains the website as well as writing fiction in the worlds of Alternia. He usually tries to write a novel in November when he has time.

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Founder, Author, Worldbuilder

Alarin is one of the founders of Alternia Comics and has done most of the world building for the various settings and worlds of Alternia Comics. He writes when he cans and run pen and paper RPGs set in the Worlds.

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The Audience

Readers and Collaborators

One of the core philosophies of Alternia Comics is most evident in Alarin's RPGs: Open Source Creativity. You the reader can write just as much as we can. If you think a story is missing in our worlds, you don't have to wait for us to write it.

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The Gunslinger and the Bard (2015), by Eric Johnson (@inkompetence)

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